Wedding Photography – Win Big On Your Wedding Day

You met the perfect partner.  You found the perfect dress.  The venue is reserved and the dance party is going to be unforgettable – now it’s time to figure out how your wedding day will be captured and preserved through photography.  Let the journey commence to find the perfect wedding photographer FOR YOU. So where do you start?


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“I don’t want my parent’s wedding photos.”  As you begin your search you’ll quickly recognize the wedding images you see today look nothing like the photos you’ll find in your family wedding album.  Rigid poses and forced smiles have shifted to natural connections that define what the couple is all about.  Creative lighting composition blended with spontaneous and unprocessed moments make your wedding day story to come to life.

Light The Way To An Epic Adventure

A photographer spends countless hours analyzing and manipulating light.  They learn to use light to convey different emotion through the moments they capture.  The lighting style of the photographer you choose has to match the vision you have for your wedding.  As you look through a portfolio you need to imagine your photos as the body of work.  What is the light telling you?  Are the photos dark and moody – or – bright and romantic , do they jump off the page or draw you deeper into the moment?


As you look at these images are you getting excited to see your wedding day story?


Story telling is an art not all photographers can master.  From the flowers to the cake and everything in between, the selections you make for your wedding set the backdrop of your occasion. The scene you’ve created paired with the photographer’s ability to arrange these details influence the expression of your wedding.

Great composition is the artistic framework that allows a fleeting moment to become an ever lasting recollection.  The photographer’s point of view is telling you something.  The subjects, the co-stars, every detail in the environment is a compelling compilation waiting to be discovered.   Look close – what are the images unveiling to you?

A gifted photographic journalist, an extraordinary portraiture artist, a best friend and more… when it comes to wedding photography what you’re really looking for is a storytelling technique that matches the idea of how your wedding will be – and when it’s all said and done you just want the pictures to prove it.


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