Sharon & Corey | Heinz Chapel | Pittsburgh Weddings

Sharon and Corey were the most awesome couple to work with, even better than working with them: working with their amazing friends and families.

We had a pretty early start, but all the girls were in great spirits with coffee and mimosas in hand, it didn’t even feel like 8 am when I first met up with the ladies.

The ceremony was located at the iconic Heinz Chapel. I love Heinz Chapel, it is a beautiful gothic sanctuary with incredibly high ceilings and blue stained glass. The architecture is marvelous and the red doors are killer. Sharon and Corey did a wine box ceremony, however they replaced the wine with rum. Corey locked the box up along with their letters to each other. That is going to be an amazing 5 year anniversary night.

Keeping along with the Pittsburgh theme we went to Mellon Institute, Mt Washington and The Clemente Bridge for pictures. The sky was overcast, which made for amazing pictures. We had a while before we needed to be to the reception, so we took our time and captured some fun pictures around the city.

The reception was at the Chadwick in Wexford. After some very heartfelt words from their closest friends and Sharon’s grandfather DJ J Mitch started the party and kept it going all night long.

Congratulations Sharon & Corey, it truly was a pleasure to capture your day.
Please enjoy some photos form their day.

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Vendor Shout Out:
Photography: Natalia & Dan | 2nd II None Studios
DJ Entertainment: DJ JMitch & DJ Mike| 2nd II None Productions
Ceremony: Heinz Chapel | Oakland PA

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