Sarah & Josh’s Artisan Center Wedding | Wheeling West Virginia

Sarah & Josh were married on the most gorgeous June day at the Artisan Center in Wheeling West Virginia. They decided to do a first look and their picture session prior to their ceremony. Which I always suggest a bride and groom do if their ceremony and reception are in the the same venue – it makes it easier on the couple, bridal party and families.

We met at Independence Hall for the first look, and boy was Josh in awe when he saw his beautiful bride.

Downtown Wheeling made an awesome background for the bridal portraits. We couldn’t get enough, there were so many urban spots to showcase this photogenic couple, they look like they should be in a magazine.

We love the Artisan Center for its industrial look. With high ceilings open with duct work and support beams showing, exposed brick walls, bridge for entrances, it is perfect for any couple looking for a unique and non traditional venue. They truly do an amazing job keeping the industrial looking classy.

The ceremony was sweet and simple. Even after he just spent 3 hours with his beautiful bride taking pictures, he still teared up when he saw her walk down the aisle.

Ry Leach had the dance floor packed and moving all night long. There was a “take your own photo” style photo booth, the guests loved the props and gold backdrop and were taking selfies through out cocktail hour and the reception. The cookie table, cupcake tower and popcorn buckets made sure no one was without their favorite comfort sweet, and about a pound each to take home.

After a night shot in the alley, we parted ways. The most perfect day, the most perfect couple, the most perfect wedding.

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Vendor Shout Outs:

Photography: Natalia & Connor | 2nd II None Studios
DJ Entertainment: Ry Leach | 2nd II None Productions
Venue: The Artisan Center, Wheeling West Virginia
Make up & Hair: Breanne Prude

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