Ryan & Christina | Club at Nevillewood | Pittsburgh Weddings

I love Ryan & Christina, LOVE them. They are the most upbeat, happy people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. When I met them for their engagement session we hit it off immediately. When we met for their final meeting a 20 minute conversation turned to 2 hours (sorry Ryan). Photographing this wedding was like photographing my best friends wedding. Christina has that power: to become your best friend instantly. I love the way Ryan makes Christina laugh and when he looks at her, you can almost see time slow and Dreamweaver play softly in the background.

Their wedding was just as amazing as them. With a beautiful ceremony at St John Capistran Church in the South Hills and reception at the prestigious Club at Nevillewood. Their images are amazing and I am so excited to show these off.

Congratulations Christina & Ryan, thank you for allowing us to capture your day.

Please enjoy a selection of photos from their day.
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Vendor Shout Out:
Photography: Natalia & Connor| 2nd II None Studios
DJ Entertainment: DJ Eric & DJ Dev D | 2nd II None Productions
Ceremony: St John Capistran Church | Pittsburgh PA
Reception: The Club at Nevillewood | Presto PA

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