Melissa & James | Syria Shriners, Cheswick | Pittsburgh Weddings

Melissa & James were wed on a beautiful day in July. With their whole family by their side in the bridal party, it was a family affair to remember. I love the colors Melissa choose, Caribbean Blue and Purple, the blue was very flattering in the bridesmaids dresses and made the church and reception look so happy and bright.

The ceremony was held at Hebron UPC in Pittsburgh. The church is beautiful with large windows allowing for amazing white light.

After going to the municipal building in Verona for some pictures by the railroad tracks. It was off to Syria Shriners in Cheswick for the reception.
This venue is amazing with it’s 1950’s high class theatre, ballroom complete with inset dance floor and stage.

Melissa & James entered their wrestling themed reception adorned with WWE heavy weight championship belts, James wielding a CO2 Blast, cooling off his fans and making their entrance dramatic. DJ J Mitch had the dance floor packed all night and left the crowd begging for one more song. The photo booth was a big hit at this wedding as well. With WWE belts as props any guest could be a wrestling superstar.

Please enjoy the photos of Melissa and James’ wedding day.
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Vendor Shout Out:
Photography: Natalia & Connor| 2nd II None Studios
DJ Entertainment: DJ J Mitch and DJ Mike | 2nd II None Productions
Church: Hebron United Presbyterian Church Pittsburgh, PA
Venue: Syria Shriners, Cheswick PA

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