Kacie & Federico | Edgewood Country Club Wedding {2ndIINone Weddings}


Photography: Natalia, Danielle & Edy | 2nd II None Studios
Entertainment: DJ Chaz, DJ JD and DJ Joe | 2nd II None Productions
Ceremony: St. Bernadette Church, Monreville, PA
Reception: Edgewood Country Club

The Silva wedding was an wonderful affair. Not because of the beautiful ceremony, or the amazingly decorated Edgewood Country Club. Rather because the length of travel many of the guests took to be in attendance. Federico’s grandfather was only cleared to take the flight from Uruguay 3 weeks before the wedding. Yes you read that correctly: Uruguay. His sister came in from New Zealand. It was an international wedding, right here in Pittsburgh.
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My favorite part of the day was when Kacie recited her vows in Spanish. There was an emotional gasp from the audience, and you could feel the appreciation and love: sealing her Silva fate.

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What do you do when your wedding day doesn’t go as planned? Maybe it’s raining/snowing or the traffic is terrible. You can pout, or you can party. Kacie & Federico chose to party. With an unseasonably cold, snowy April day: Our bride and groom forwent staying in their bridal suite for a roomy seat on their party bus filled with their best friends and a lot of liquid courage.
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