Josh & Melissa | West Overton Barn, Scottdale | Pittsburgh Weddings

Josh and Melissa has the most relaxed, fun Sunday wedding. I had never been to the West Overton Barn, and I am really glad I changed that. With red brick barns and a distillery on site, I had more than my fair share of picturesque backdrops.

The ceremony was the highlight of the day. The officiant was hilarious, having the bride and groom say “This is my Woman/Man” during their vows was indeed unique and beautiful. Plus it made them and their guest smile. After Melissa and Josh were officially married, Josh turned to his new sons and read the most heartfelt speech to them. Promising to love and support them as well as their mom. It really left the crowd silent and a certain photographer choked up.

The reception was inside the beautifully decorate West Overton Barn. With more rustic decorations and a huge glowing LOVE sign above the head table. There was candy, cookies and cake. Their dance floor was opened with a confetti gun blast. Once the sun started to set, right in the middle of the money dance, DJ Chaz was able to pause the money dance so we could run into the field really quick to capture a beautiful summer sunset.  I am so happy Melissa and Josh had a perfect day to start their new lives together.

Please enjoy some amazing photos from their day.

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Vendor Shout Out:
Photography: Natalia & Danielle | 2nd II None Studios
DJ Entertainment: DJ Chaz and DJ JD | 2nd II None Productions
Venue: West Overton Barn, Scottdale PA
Baker: Patti’s Pasticceria, White Oak
Florist: The Rose Bud | Murrysville PA
Caterer: Bethany | Carson Catering

The West Overton Village an amazing rustic venue, located in Scottdale, PA. It truly is a photographers dream: with more locations than time, I could easily have taken portraits for 6 hours. The complete cloud coverage throughout the day, and amazing sunset made this wedding a cake walk.

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