Joel & Noelle – Laube Hall Wedding

Joel & Noelle are one of the sweetest couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I had only met them about a week prior to their big day, but right away I felt as if I had been friends with them for quite some time. They had put so much detail into planning their wedding day and everything went off perfectly. 
We started Joel & Noelle’s wedding off at one of Noelle’s aunts houses. It was beautiful both inside and out. All the girls were dressed and ready to go.

Photography: 2nd II None Studios ( Joelle & Tala )
D.J. & Lighting: 2nd II None Productions

As Noelle’s Mother was helping her into her gown, everyone watched as she transformed into Cinderella in just a few minutes. Noelle was an absolutely gorgeous bride. 

It was time for the ceremony to start. Noelle looked so happy as she made her way down the aisle. She had each one of her uncles escort her. They all were proud to hand her off to each other and finally to her groom.

Their ceremony was perfect! Joel & Noelle were so happy to become husband and wife, they sealed the deal with not only a first kiss as husband and wife, but a first high five as husband and wife.
Immediately following their ceremony, we took a few photos inside and outside the church. As we made our way to Laube Hall we stopped at a park that Joel spent a lot of his childhood at. We were very short on time not because we were running late, but because we were running out of daylight! We still managed to make it work and got some great pictures.

When it was time for the reception to get started. The happy newlyweds couldn’t wait to get introduced and start the party! And boy did this crowd give me a run, they danced and partied like no other wedding I’ve done. Laube Hall was great, they had more than enough space to accommodate these party animals!

It was truly a pleasure meeting these 2 and then photographing their wedding. They are genuinely nice people who made sure that everyone who came out to celebrate with them was well taken care of. Joel & Noelle had a blast all night long! I wish them nothing but the best in their new life together, congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Joel & Noelle Marzullo, or shall I say, Mr. & Mrs. Joelle Marzullo!!