Jenni & Sean | The Grand Barn at the Mohicans | Ohio Wedding

When is a 3 hour drive worth it: when you drive to the middle of a forest in the middle of Ohio and happen upon the Grand Barn of the Mohicans. This venue is an amazing location for any bride looking for a rustic but modern barn. There were many tree houses on site for the guests to stay, some even built by the treehouse master himself.

Jenni and Sean were married on a beautiful day, where the rain held out until dinner to remind us that it was almost 97 degrees. The rain didn’t stop any of the fun, and before we knew it the dance floor was dry and ready to house the party.

The ceremony and reception were decorated with bright yellow sunflowers which accented the bridesmaids navy dresses perfectly.

The best part about this venue: I could have taken pictures there for an entire week and not been able to capture all of its beauty.

Congratulations Sean & Jenni, it was an amazing adventure capturing your wedding. Please enjoy a sampling of images from their wedding.

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Vendor Shout Out:
Photography: Natalia & Connor| 2nd II None Studios
DJ Entertainment: DJ AJ and DJ Jeremy | 2nd II None Productions
Venue: The Grand Barn of the Mohicans, Glenmont Ohio

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