How to pick a First Dance song without using Google

When it comes time to pick a first dance song, there are two types of couples. The first knows exactly what song they want and they’ve known ever since they heard it 2 years ago.  The second couple falls into the  – “we have no idea” category.  In all honesty, picking your first dance song isn’t always as easy as it may seem and it’s a difficult choice that plagues a lot of couples.  If you don’t have “your song” then it becomes really hard to pick a song that sums up your memory filled relationship up to this point.  After all, isn’t that why we have painters and photographers because a picture is worth a thousand words and captures everything a song or words can’t?  If you are having a tough time picking out that big song to dance to for the first time as husband and wife then hopefully these tips will help.

Don’t just Google First Dance songs

I know this is the easiest and quickest way to pick a song.  Sure it brings up the most popular songs and gives you a predetermined list that naturally narrows down your choices thus making it simple.  However, was your relationship something that was just picked out of a list of predetermined partners?  Are you getting married because it is the popular thing to do?  Probably not.  So instead of clicking that search button, start by thinking about what kind of music you both are into.  You don’t need to have the same tastes in music, but by listing your favorites songs, bands or artists you can quickly narrow down a genre of music that would represent the both of you.  Are you a classic Elvis type, a rock star or maybe a quirky folkster.

First Dances don’t have to be slow or traditional

Next start thinking what kind of couple you are?  Are you both more formal, laid back, outgoing, spontaneous, etc?  A lot of times the bride and groom wants to reflect their personality in their first dance and rightfully so.  So don’t be afraid to do something outside the box.  Maybe start with a slow song and then go into a choreographed fast dance to a mash up of popular songs you like.  It will be more memorable to both you and your guests than that meaningless song on a list of popular choices.

Pay attention to the lyrics

I know we mentioned that it is hard to put into words what your relationship and marriage means to both of you in simple words.  But use the lyrics of the song to tell your story, how you feel or your future dreams and aspirations together.  Especially with music, emotion is easily communicated through the chords and tone of the song.  However, the lyrics tell the story so make sure you pick a song that says what you couldn’t or always wanted to say.  You can even do two songs.  One the bride picks and one the groom picks.  You play half of each and the guests listen closely to get the message you both are trying to say to each other.