How To Make Your Dream Wedding Shine with Lighting

Before there is ACTION! And before there is CAMERA! There are LIGHTS!  So how do you turn your atmosphere for your big day into the fantasy location of your dreams?  Simple: various forms of lighting.  Whether it’s bringing color into the room with uplights, highlighting the cake and centerpieces with pin spotting or putting your mark on the room with a custom monogram, lighting definitely creates the atmosphere and sets the tone for any occasion.  Not only that, but lighting will create the backdrop you will need to really make your photographers pictures “pop” and give your captured moments there brightest stage.  Now let’s look at these different types of lighting and what they do…


Uplighting is great to bring color into the room and to highlight key parts of the room.  The color aspect can really turn those plain walls into a color background that reflects the color or colors of your wedding as well as creating a more interesting backdrop for your photos.  These are the lights that make your room “glow”.  By placing them all around the room or behind the head table, gift table or cake table you can highlight and draw more attention to these important aspects of the wedding.  You can also use more than one color to create the same effect while still wrapping the room with lights.


Before & After comparison with uplighting


These lights are used to spot light centerpieces, cakes and even people.  Pinspots are hung from the ceiling and point down.  It is usually white light, or colors in some circumstances, pointed down that can be focused to give the centerpieces, cakes and people the spotlight.  Images those centerpieces really standing out amongst a dimly lit room to really set the mood or the bride and groom chairs at the head table lit up to showcase the stars of the night.

IMG_0032 IMG_0033

Cake & Centerpiece Pinspotted


Monograms usually display initials, names, dates or designs to create a visual mark on the room.  They are often displayed on the dance floor, behind the head table or even on screens.  Steel monograms use stage lights and metal plates while projector monograms are usually sleeker and more dynamic in color and animation.


Dance Floor Monogram

Most brides and grooms forget about lighting when budgeting for a wedding.  Sometimes it is only considered if there is room in the budget.  Whichever the case, there is a strong argument to really make lighting a priority because of the benefits all across the board.  It can truly make the difference in that show stopping room and make all the money you spend on photography really worth every penny.