How to make picking out music for your reception FUN!!!

We all experience the strain, stress and frustration of wedding planning at some point during the process of making your dream wedding come true.  And I’m sure every bride at some point has asked themselves, “Isn’t this supposed to be fun?”.  After all, you have dreamed of this day and every detail ever since you were little and still rode on your daddy’s back.  But even after years and years of dreams, ideas and planning you still get stuck on the things that you thought would be a breeze.  You have just painstakingly plotted out your table assignments, picked just the right combination of flowers and spent countless hours and days finding the perfect dress.  Now it’s time to have some fun and pick out the music for the best party ever and…nothing.  Not a single song can come to mind.  How is this?  You’ve listened to music all your life.  You’ve had more favorite songs in your life than you can count.  But when it’s time to think of them, nothing comes to mind.  When you do finally pick some you beat yourself up questioning if it is the right song.  Well have no fear.  We are here to help make the unsuspecting strain of picking out music easier and of course…fun!

Tip 1:  Remember the day is about the two of you so make your music reflect you!

This is the foundation that you must always go back to when you get frustrated or stressed out about your music selection.  Throughout the whole planning process you are getting pushed and pulled in every direction from your family and friends all the way to the professionals.  Everyone has an opinion and everyone says they know best.  We are not saying that asking for advice and opinions are bad.  Quite the contrary actually.  Your friends, family and the professionals will often think of things you didn’t so their opinion is extremely important and holds weight.  However, always remember it is YOUR wedding.  So in the end, when you are torn between two options, pick the one that reflects the two of you the most.  In the end the more the wedding reflects the bride and groom, the more memorable it will be for the guests and the bride & groom.


Tip 2:  Variety is the spice of life

We’ve heard it all our lives, “Too much of anything is bad!”.  Well when it comes to your music selection there is really no exception.  Like we stated before, make the majority of the music reflect your tastes and preferences.  However, you must always remember that weddings are made up of a variety of guests.  Family, friends, old, young, some know each other, some don’t ect.  Combine this with a formal setting with everyone dressed up and you can sometimes have an awkward or uncomfortable situation.  All of sudden those tried and true party animals who were supposed to be the life of the party are now shy and reserved because they see Grandma or people they don’t know.  So naturally a great way to remedy this problem is to play a little bit of everything.  Pick a few songs from every genre and decade so no matter the age or taste in music someone will have something to dance to during the night.  Remember the goal is to have the dance floor packed all night, NOT to have the dance floor packed with the same people all night.  The lesson again: have something for everyone.


Tip 3:  Let family pick their songs that they are involved with

Often times the hardest songs to pick our the songs for the formal events throughout the night.  For your first dance song, try to pick “your” song.  If you don’t have a song you consider yours, pick a song whose lyrics represent your story or how you feel about each other.  Music does not just have an emotional attachment to the melody, but the lyrics within a song also tell a very powerful and emotional story.  Use it to tell yours.  For your parent dances, ask them if they have a song in mind.  A lot of times our parents have memories and attachments to certain songs we don’t know about.  There may be a song they always sung to you that you don’t remember or a song that they instantly think of you when they hear it.  Ask them what they want to dance with you to and why.  A lot of times the “why” can be incorporated into the introduction of the song and again reflect and tell your story making it more memorable and special.  You can also ask each member of your bridal party what their favorite song is and we can shout them out throughout the night when we play them!


In the end, always remember to have fun.  Make the music and every part of the day represent you and your story, but don’t forgot to add something in for everyone too.  A good 60/40 or 70/30 mix is always good.  Don’t forget about cocktail and dinner music as well.  They both are a great way to share your favorite songs with your guests that may not be “dance” songs!