Grab a prop, strike a pose and say CHEESE!!!



Photo Booths are a great addition to any celebration especially weddings.  Pictures are worth a thousand words and with family, friends and props they become a fun and interactive way to capture the memories and excitement of your special day.  Brides & Grooms are really utilizing Photo Booths more and more each year to add another form of entertainment to their night.  They make perfect party favors because guests don’t just throw away pictures.  They keep and cherish them longer.  Here at 2nd II None Productions we carry the high end Open Air Photo Booths.  But what is the difference and benefits of going with a Photo Booth like ours?  Let’s talk about it!

Sleeker and more compact

It’s no secret that Brides and Grooms spend a lot of money, time and energy decorating and picking the perfect venue.  So why have a bulky out place booth take away from the elegance and beauty of the venue of your dreams?  With an Open Air Photo Booth it takes up a lot less room and it is not an eye sore like the traditional booths of the past.  Open Air is sleeker and compact so it won’t stand out nearly as much and with just the tower and backdrop it makes using it easy, fun AND stylish.

Power in numbers

Let’s face it, people LOVE group pics and the more the merrier.  With an Open Air Photo Booth, guests won’t have to cram inside an actual booth so no need to worry about wrinkling those fancy dress clothes.  Unlike traditional booths, where you can only fit a couple people inside, Open Air can make 8+ people pictures easy, fun and possible!

More options

Open Air Photo Booths come equipped with the latest in technology so not only do you get the highest quality pictures, but you also can do slide shows, flip books, custom graphics & backdrops, green screens and the list goes on and on.  With the ability to link up to the internet easily, you can now share pictures instantly and in real time on Facebook, Instagram and many other online sharing apps.