Courtney & Dan | DoubleTree Meadowlands | Washington Weddings

Courtney & Dan are the cutest couple, and perfect for each other. Its safe to say that Courtney really knocks Dan off his feet.

Their winter themed wedding was perfect. Poinsettias and candlelight line the aisle to the alter where Dan awaited his bride. A huge wreath and blue uplighting set the romantic ambiance of the DoubleTree Meadowlands. After a short sweet ceremony, and some pictures. It was time to party.

DJ J Mitch kept the floor bumping all night long giving Courtney and Dan the party that they had been waiting for. There was a photobooth right next to the dance floor giving the guests the ability to jump in whenever there was a free moment, which I don’t believe there was.

Congratulations Dan & Courtney, we wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Please enjoy a sample of photos from their big day.

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