Cinematic Videography vs. Traditional

Every bride dreams of her wedding day since she was a little girl and those visions of romantic scenes & magical moments are usually something straight out of a Disney movie.  Every groom pictures a cast of characters, representing the brotherhood of people who have made him the man he is now, a role which can only be written in a Quentin Tarentino script full of artistic and creative nuances.  Gone are the days of videographers shooting every move throughout the day and night only to produce a dull and lack luster menu operated DVD which you only watch once.  Welcome to the age of storytelling.  This new and updated style allows videographers to capture the emotion of the day, the way you envisioned it, all while creating a chic and highly engaging movie experience of your story and the days events.  After all, why not capture your dream wedding in the most cinematic way to relive it over and over again.


With traditional videography, the wedding day is shot with the mindset of capturing big moments with the purpose to present them in their entirety from start to finish.  This is representative of the traditional DVD menu style which is simply a chapter marked list of the events.  You click on the event, such as the first dance, and you can simply just watch it with really no reference or scene being set.  It is simply a documented event.  Now image actually being able to relive that first dance with all the emotional context and storytelling through the words of your closest family and friends. Cinematic videography is shot with the intention to tell a story.  It takes the special moments and uses parts of each one to tell an overall story of the day filled with emotion, context and personality.  Cinematic videography is more artistic and unique which allows more creative techniques to be used to tell your one of a kind story.  Whether its editing the moments of the day backwards from last to first or using a more noir style to create a theme.


Like we mentioned before, traditional videography typically is delivered in a DVD form with a chapter marked menu of events.  With the cinematic style, it’s final product is usually a 10-30 minute movie typically accompanied with a trailer or teaser.  The movie style format is more enjoyable to watch as well as more pleasurable on the senses which results in a much more watched product.  The bride, groom and all their family and friends will have something they will re-watch many more times over.

Digital World

Cinematic Videography and the format it comes in is the most shareable and accessible product.  It is quickly and easily uploaded, downloaded and shared on all social media and online outlets.  With technology always changing and quicker ways to access media, having your wedding day shot in a cinematic movie style is a great way to experience it on any phone, tablet, laptop or computer.