Aly & Ben | Duquesne University Power Center Ballroom


Photography: Mike and Natalie 2nd II None Studios
Entertainment: DJ Kevin and DJ Brandon 2nd II None Productions
Photobooth: Carly 2nd II None Productions
Church: Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Pittsburgh, PA
Reception: Duquesne University Power Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you to everyone who made the Mullens’ wedding day possible.

The bride and groom returned to their alma mater Duquesne University for a lovely ceremony in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. The church was a beautiful setting for Aly and Ben’s family and friends to gather to celebrate their marriage. The celebration continued at the Duquesne Power Center where the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed dinner, dancing, and of course a Pittsburgh Cookie Table.

Congratulations Aly and Ben!


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