Aleisha & TJ |Giannilli’s II | Greensburg Weddings

Aleisha & TJ were married at St Vincent’s Basilica in Latrobe. The Basilica is a very historic sanctuary, being one of the oldest catholic churches still in operation today, it is also the church in which Aleisha and her family are members.

After the ceremony and pictures at Twin Lakes, it was time to make our way to the reception.

The reception was filled with beautiful decorations hand crafted by the bride and her mother. The party was amazing, the crowd couldn’t wait for DJ Eric to get out there and do his thing.

Congratulations to Aleisha and TJ. It was so amazing capturing your wedding. Please enjoy some photos from their awesome day.

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Vendor Shout Out:
Photography: Natalia & Mollee| 2nd II None Studios
DJ Entertainment: DJ Eric & DJ Chaz | 2nd II None Productions
Church: St Vincent Basilica Parish, Latrobe PA
Venue: Giannilli’s II, Greensburg

2 thoughts on “Aleisha & TJ |Giannilli’s II | Greensburg Weddings

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos. Captured the couple and wedding party very well. And congrats to Aleisha and TJ on tying the knot. All the best to you as you are joined as one in life.

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