AJ Hughes is our Impact Performer of the month!!!!


AJ is taking Pittsburgh by storm and Brides & Grooms are absolutely loving what he brings to their wedding!  AJ has over 5 years of wedding experience and has mastered the art of creating a fun & interactive wedding all while balancing the emotional and heartwarming moments that people expect.  AJ has a way with words to say the least and can rock the formal events of a wedding just as well as the dance floor.  He personalizes every intro of every special moment to reflect the true stars of a wedding, the Bride & Groom.

Fun Fact: AJ was part of the World Premiere Opera when he was 10.  He does a great impression of a bird and fireworks going off.  Seriously, we can’t make this up…

AJ is originally from Cranberry, PA and graduated from Kent State.  After working many weddings in Ohio, he decided to move back to the Burgh.  He loves hockey, pirogies and every type of music.  His outgoing personality is great not just for hosting weddings but for the planning process as well taking a lot of the stress off of our Brides & Grooms and helping them enjoy the entire process.  Congrats again AJ and we can’t wait to see more in the future!