3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Guests on the Dance Floor

Most of the time our couple’s biggest concern is making sure the dance floor is packed. This is an understandable concern because most people tend to relate a packed dance floor to a good time. Below we reveal 3 ways to keep that dance floor packed so you can have the party and celebration you always dreamed of.

1.) Have something for everyone – A typical wedding tends to have quite the array of guests. From kids in high chairs to the grandparents to friends, family, co-workers and everyone in between. With all the diverse guests in attendance it is pretty safe to say that you will have a wide variety of personalities and music tastes. Some guests will dance with little to no encouragement and others will not dance even if you gave away a million dollars. This is why variety is truly the spice of weddings and not just life. Have a request list that includes a little bit of everything from oldies to the hits of today as well as slow songs, dance songs and sing a longs. This will give you the best shot at having something for everyone and gives every one a chance to have a memory they won’t forget. Uncle Bob may never dance at any weddings you’ve seen him at but he may get up and sing Sweet Caroline with everyone and that will be the moment he talks about at all the family holidays for the next 5 years. Having a variety of music and a variety of ways for people to be involved will make sure your wedding is remembered above all the other ones your guests attended. Because after all, isn’t that the goal most couples have?

2.) Mix DJ’s are not just for clubs – The quickest ways to get the dance floor cleared is by playing the wrong song at the wrong time or by simply letting the song end. Mix DJ’s can get out of that dud request easily by simply mixing another song into the dance set. So no need to have that awkward stoppage or the painful experience of having to spend 3 minutes waiting for that dreadful excuse of a song to end. Good DJ’s are good at reading crowds but great DJ’s also have the skills and ability to make up for a song that just didn’t work. Nothing is wrong with having a human iPod at your wedding for the DJ, but a mix DJ can keep the dancing going simply by not giving the guests a chance to want to stop. Instead of a song ending and giving the crowd a couple of seconds to escape or think of something else they need to do, a good mix DJ can keep that groove going by mixing the ending of one song into the beginning of another hypnotizing the crowd in a dance inducing blissful state. 

3.) Having the Bride and Groom on the dance floor – Believe it or not your guests are there to see you! This is why having the guests of honor on the dance floor really helps keep the dance floor packed. You don’t have to be big dancers. You just have to be present. Instead of hanging out at the bar all night or chilling in the bridal suite, bring your guests to the dance floor by just hanging out there. People follow the guests of honor so if your dance floor is getting thin, bring the conservation to the dance floor. Even if the bride and groom don’t dance, simply talking to guests on the dance floor will keep it packed. Because once your guests are on the dance floor, even if it’s not dance related, you have a much better shot of them staying there and getting involved. Remember your guests are there for you so they go where you go. 

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